30 Day Summer Vibes Photography Challenge

With the first day of Summer coming this month (yippee) it’s a great time to get out there in the sunshine and start shooting! We’ve created a 30 Day Summer Vibes photography challenge to help motivate you and practice your skills.

There's no pressure here, no rules and no right or wrong. Simply use our word prompts and let your imagination go crazy. We've provided some guidance for you, but at the end of the day this is about having fun and creating work that inspires you.

1. Summer Flat Lay

What says summer to you? Whether it's fresh fruits, a fresh summer tea, or your favourite accessories practice your photo styling by creating a summer vibe flatlay.

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2. Splashing Water

Watch your gear here, but play with quick and slow shutter speeds to see how it affects moving water. 

3. Sun Flare

Sometimes we want to avoid sun flare, but if you learn to understand how sun flare behaves and use it in a creative way it can really add to your image.

4. Floating

From floating in a pool, floating balloons or whatever you can think of.

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5. Nature Walk

Get outside and enjoy nature. Shoot whatever comes your way and don't be afraid to experiment.

6. Good Vibes

What makes you feel good? Create an image that gives off positivity.

7. Run Wild

This is another chance to play with your shutter speed here. From running kids, dogs, animals or yourself.

8. Close Up

Change your perspective and get close up, fill the frame or practice macro images.

9. Adventure Time

Summer is all about adventures, from preparing for an adventure, being on one or reminiscing.
10. Barefoot

Is there anything better than being barefoot on a warm summer night?

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11. Reflections

Reflections are all around you from water, mirrors, or even metaphorically. 

12. Summer Essentials

What are your summer essentials? Too many tubes of sun block? Flip flops? Swim suits?

13. Summer Love

Love is in the air! 

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14. Relaxation

Kick back your feet, relax, laze in a hammock and unwind.

15. Summer Flower

With summer comes beauty from sunflowers, buttercups, daisies and so much more. 

16. Freedom

Summer means more freedom - what does that mean for you?

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17. Beach Vibes

What is summer without some time spent at the beach? ... or at least pretending you are.

18. Good Morning

How do your summer mornings look?

19. Summer Colours

From bright and bold to soft pastels, what colours mean summer to you?

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20. Summer Creatures

Buzzing insects, curious squirrels to chirping birds.

21. Favourite Summer Activity

What is your favourite summer activity?

22. Jump for Joy

It's time for the classic jump for joy shot!

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23. Midday Sun

Shooting in the midday sun can be a real challenge, but with some creativity and understanding light and your settings it shouldn't stop you from creating great images.

24. Cooling Down

How do you beat the heat in the summer?

25. Good Evening

The summer brings gorgeous sunsets and with sunsets brings the much sought after golden hour. 

26. Summer Fashion

What is your favourite summer outfit?

27. Favourite Summer Snack

Strawberries and cream anyone?

28. Childhood Summer

What is it about summer that brings you back to your childhood?

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29. Top Down Trend

Get in the shot yourself and practice the ever growing trend of top down or birds eye view photos.

30. Be Happy

There's no denying we're all a bit happier in the summer.

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There you have it, our 30 Day Summer Vibes Photography Challenge.

We would love to see what you come up with, so share with us  on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest

A x

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