11 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

As a photographer it's only natural that we would be most invested in the social media platform that is based entirely on photos. However, with the ever changing algorithm, stories, live mode and so much more it can be intimidating trying to grow your Instagram. Where do you begin? We're here to share our tips to get you started.

11 ways to grow your instagram

1. Post Regularly

In order to grow your instagram you need to remain present and at the top of people's minds. The only way to do this is to make posts regularly, we suggest posting 2-3 times a day at the most active times of 11am - 1pm and 7pm - 9pm. 
Do not post consecutively, and leave at least 2 hours between posts.

2. Follow 30 New Like Minded People a Day

The best way to grow your instagram quickly is to interact with other people who are like minded and your ideal target market. Try following at least 30 other profiles a day, ensuring that they are those that will be interested in your profile. 

3. Focus on Quality not Quantity

Yes, the goal here is to grow your Instagram but it is better if you focus on the quality of your followers instead of the quantity. Wouldn't you rather have true followers and have interaction rather than just a large number? 

11 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

4. Interact with Others

Instagram is a two way street, you can't expect others to engage with your content if you don't do it yourself. Take the time to scroll through your feed, like other's posts and leave genuine comments. 

It's important that you do not spam others or leave generic comments however, as this will have a negative affect. 

5. Have a Theme

A simple way to make an impression is by having a consistently themed Instagram. Stick with the same feel to your images, colours, props etc. You Instagram should almost feel like a brand.

6. Post Quality Photos

Others are much more likely to respond to a professional looking, bright and well lit photograph. Ensure your photos are sharp and eye catching. Learning how to style photos will help as well as following the trends of flat lays and top down photos.

11 ways to grow your instagram

7. Create Stories

The use of stories is catching on like wild fire on Instagram, so it's important to catch on the trend. Try to add 2-3 posts to your stories a day. Animated stories, behind the scenes, or product features are all a great idea. Use this as a chance to show your personality and allow your followers to get to know you.

8. Use Specific Hashtags

Instagram will allow you to use 30 hashtags in a post, and though it would be helpful to use all of them it is more important that you use specific hashtags that are relevant to your posts. Using broad and generic hashtags will lead you to spammers or people who are not your ideal follower, while using specific hashtags allows you to connect with the right ones. 

For example instead of hashtagging #photographer try hashtagging #londonnewbornphotographer or #ukportraitphotographer to narrow down your options.

You can now also include hashtags in your bio so that when people search tags your profile will come up repeatedly. 

9. Write a Strong Bio

Your bio is the first thing people will notice about you, so really take your time on this and be thoughtful. Share what makes you, you and what you think other people will connect with.

11 Ways to Grow Your Instagram

10. Have a Welcoming Profile Photo

Similar to your bio, your profile photo needs to be welcoming. Opt for a professional looking photo that clearly shows your smiling face.

11. Connect Your Other Platforms

The best way to reach people you already know are interested in what you do is to connect your instagram to your other social media platforms and spread the word.

There you have it, 11 Ways to Grow Your Instagram.

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